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Sunday: NFL Pro Bowl, the league’s best players that aren’t in the Super Bowl face off at 3pm in Orlando, FL as the New England Patriots & Los Angeles Rams arrive in Atlanta ahead of next Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Monday: IRS will begin accepting 2018 tax returns.

Tuesday:  State of the Union not taking place as scheduled. The President’s televised address, which requires the House & Senate to pass a joint resolution to allow an address to a joint session of Congress, is still in doubt after the gov’t reopened following the partial shutdown.

Federal Reserve begins 2-day meeting with a news conference scheduled for Wednesday, markets will be watching to see if it will continue to remain “patient” about future rate hikes which have unsettled investors.

Brexit vote – again. Exactly 2 months before Britain is set to leave the EU, Parliament will vote on a  “Plan B.”

Wednesday: U.S.-China trade talks resume for a 2-day meeting in Washington with hopes of reaching a truce.

Winter blast from Canada expected to set freezing temperature records for cities like Minneapolis & Chicago.

Thursday:  Amazon, the world’s most valuable company, reports earnings after spooking investors in October warning about slower holiday sales.

Friday: First day of February. January’s jobs report released at 8:30 a.m. ET, the 800K furloughed federal workers will be counted as employed in the Dept. Of Labor’s monthly survey.

Saturday: Groundhog Day, which according to legend, predicts six more weeks of winter weather *if* the Groundhog sees his shadow, or an early spring if he does not.