Sketch Shows Rare Depiction of Continental Army

July 3, 2024

an exact representation of a waggon belonging to the north carolina brigade of continental troops which passed thro Philadelphia

The exact ink inscription below the sketch of the North Carolina Brigade of the Continental Army, showing the march through Philadelphia on August 25, 1777.

Why It Matters: The sketch was found by Museum of the American Revolution curator Matthew Skic in a New York City apartment and was later donated to the museum. It is the first known eyewitness depiction of the North Carolina troops of the Continental Army. In the sketch, soldiers are shown walking and on horseback, with two female camp followers riding in a wagon, which was in opposition to regulations. This is the second known depiction of female camp followers, who General Washington called, “a Clog upon every movement.” Skic credits the author as Pierre Eugène du Simitière, who was born in Switzerland and settled in Philadelphia in 1774. See the original sketch at Museum of the American Revolution outside the second-floor Alan B. Miller Theater.

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Photo Credit: Museum of the American Revolution

by Karly Code, based in Kentucky