Skydivers Come Together, Form Star of David

November 20, 2023

The international skydiving community is a very inclusive one. With antisemitism and hate on the rise, this group of 50 skydivers from the western US gathered quickly at Skydive Perris to speak up against hate. Hate has a loud voice. Love needs to be louder.

Skydive Perris General Manager, Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld.

Why It Matters: On Veterans Day, 50 skydivers met Skydive Perris in California, many local though some traveling from Colorado and as far away as Iowa, and leaped out of a plane to form the Star of David in a demonstration showing unity “against hate.” The Star of David (“shield of David”), shown on Israel’s flag, is a symbol associated with Judaism. In a Facebook post, the family-owned skydiving center Skydive Perris said, “It only took one attempt to complete this formation,” adding, “You could feel the emotion on the ground, on the plane ride to altitude, and in the landing area when everyone gathered.” Watch their demonstration below!

The demonstration, captured in a compelling video (credit Craig O’Brien), showcases the unity and precision of the divers, reflecting the harmony that is possible when individuals come together with a common purpose. Skydive Perris is not just a skydiving center; it is a community that believes in the power of solidarity and the amazing things people can do when they join together.  

Skydive Perris

by Leah Grainery, based in Texas