small plane crash

June 6, 2023

We are here not only to figure out what happened but why the accident happened …

Senior Air Safety Investigator Adam Gerhardt, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), on a small plane crash, that reportedly killed four people.

Why It Matters: The mysterious flight pattern of this small plane over the nation’s capitol caused fighter jets to scramble to try to intercept the small aircraft to no avail. The NTSB confirmed the pilot became unresponsive to air traffic control. Gerhardt says the terrain of the crash, in a remote area, with boulders, the destroyed wreckage, pose a challenge to the investigation but he still has hopes of recovering information to help explain what happened.

Victims have not been officially identified by investigators; A family has confirmed their adult daughter and her two year-old were on the plane.

Link to the full 10 minute NTSB presser

Pilot of unresponsive private jet that crashed and killed 4 was seen slumped over, source says

by Jenna Lee,