Small Vermont town implements road closures due to influx of influencers during autumn foliage

September 28, 2023

Foliage season traffic in this area has steadily increased during the last several years, causing significant safety, environmental, aesthetic, and quality of life issues.

The select board of Pomfret, Vermont, in a memo announcing a road closure blocking access to a popular private residence farm that has attracted people for its fall foliage.

Why It Matters: A Vermont town of just more than 900 people has announced a road closure to non-residents during the area’s “2023 Foliage Season” (September 23 – October 15). Limited access is being implemented due to increased tourists – particularly influencers – hoping to visit the popular private residence known as Sleepy Hollow Farm, which has been referenced as the “‘most photographed’ place in the state” (Entrepreneur).

One local general store clerk, Linda Arbuckle, said, “People love the leaves and we understand foliage and it brings people here and we don’t want that to stop. Unfortunately some people, not all, have taken it to the next step, where people have come home and people have been on their porches having lunch.”

Why this Vermont town is banning influencers and tourists from visiting its fall foliage (NBC News)

Leaf-peeping social media users are clogging a Vermont back road. The town is closing it (The Associated Press)

by Emily Hooker, based in Texas