Smarther News Quick Quotes for Friday, November 30, 2018

November 30, 2018
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“I want to make sure you can wear my kicks proudly.”

NBA Warriors' Steph Curry responding to a handwritten letter from 9-year-old Riley Morrison. She wanted to wear Under Armour's "Curry 5" shoes and wanted to know why they didn't sell them for girls. The two-time MVP responded with a handwritten letter promising to "correct it now," sending her a pair, and assuring her she'll be one of the first to get the next edition basketball shoe.

"The moon represents a proving ground, it’s the way we can reduce risk, we can prove technology, we can prove human physiology… and we replicate them at Mars."

Jim Bridenstine, NASA Administrator, on its plans for space station to orbit the moon allowing humans to go back and forth to its surface in practice for landing on Mars. NASA hasn't been to the moon since 1972, but says it will have continuous presence within 10 years.
"Given the due diligence that was done … I am very hopeful that we won’t see any kind of increase.”

Sheriff Kory Honea, the man in charge of searching for the missing in Northern California's Camp Fire, after completing a review of 18,000 burned structures in the search for victims. Three weeks after it began, the death toll stands at 88, but it is still not clear why 200 remain missing. Heavy rains are now impacting the area causing flooding.
“I’m open to making a deal. But, frankly, I like the deal we have right now.”

President Trump ahead of a critical meeting on trade with China's President Xi Jinping. The two are meeting on the sidelines of the G-20 and are expected to have dinner Saturday night in Buenos Aires. The meeting will signal whether the world's two largest economies can resolve their differences and perhaps lower the combined hundreds of billions in tariffs currently imposed.

“…I believe very much in Christmas. That’s how I express myself athrough my lights.”

Thomas Apruzzi of Old Bridge, NJ. His family's annual Christmas light display has taken place for at least 15 years & attracts throngs of onlookers. The town says the holiday display costs taxpayers at least $45K for resources to ensure traffic and pedestrian safety. Town officials want Apruzzi to foot the cost; Apruzzi believe his lights reflect his freedom of expression and he won’t pay.

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