Smarther News Quick Quotes for Friday, September 14

September 14, 2018
“By so many important measures, our world keeps getting better, and its one of the fantastic aspects of human nature that we humans never stop looking for (and finding!) ways to improve things.”

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announcing he's donating $2B to focus on two areas: funding nonprofits that help homeless families & those that build preschools in low income communities. Bezos is worth an est. $164B.
“Are we ready for the next crisis? In some respects, yes.”

Fmr Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, Fmr. Treasury Secretaries Timothy Geithner & Henry Paulson, in an editorial for the NYT marking 10 years since the financial crisis in 2008. They write that banks are more stable and regulators are more prepared to identify a crisis before it hits, but they worry our "defenses will erode over time."
“Do I believe she is dangerous? Yes, but not just to me. I believe that she is a danger and a threat to any vulnerable person in the community, which is why our community should be worried.”

Elizabeth Smart, on the sudden scheduled release of one of her kidnappers, Wanda Barzee (72). Barzee was sentenced to life for kidnapping and abusing Smart, but the Utah parole board said they miscalculated her time served so she'll be released next week.
“Water kills. 1 out of 4 deaths are associated with inland extreme rainfall with these systems. So if you’re inland from the coast and thinking this one isn’t about you, this one IS about you.”.

Dr. David Novak, Dir of Weather Prediction Center for the National Weather service speaking about the danger of Hurricane Florence.

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‘We think of immigrants as being low-skilled workers from Latin America, but for recent arrivals that’s much less the case. People from Asia have overtaken people from Latin America.’

William Frey, Brookings Institution senior demographer, who examined new census data and found more immigrants arriving from Asia than Latin America since 2010. America's foreign-born population has reached its highest level since 1910.

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by Jenna Lee,