Smarther News Quick Quotes for Friday, September 28th

September 28, 2018
"I often think to myself, 'What would Eleanor have done?'”

Meera Gandhi, the current owner of a brownstone in New York City where former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt lived. The 6-bedroom, 8,000 square foot home is now on sale for nearly $20M; the purchase price includes includes some of Roosevelt's memorabilia.
"If you look at it in terms of the incredible dysfunction of Congress on everything, it’s actually one of the few things they’ve been able to do together as parties."

Stanford Prof. Keith Humphreys who advises lawmakers on health care related issues addressing a 653-page bill agreed upon by both parties to combat the opioid crisis. The bill faces a vote next week.
"The path to peace and a brighter future is only through diplomacy and only denuclearization. That means any other pathA North KoreaA may choose will inevitably lead to ever-increasing isolation and pressure."

Sec. of State Mike Pompeo addressing the UN Security Council on Thursday. Sec. Pompeo will travel to North Korea in October to prepare for a potential second summit between North Korean and American leadership.
“This is serious. This is what you go after insider traders and market manipulators on. This is a serious allegation.”

Professor Charles Whitehead, Cornell Law School, regarding the SEC suing Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Musk sent a tweet Aug. 7 that referred to taking Tesla, a public company, private. The SEC says Musk made "false and misleading statements"; Musk denies the charges.
“Deciding to proceed without conducting additional investigation would not only have a lasting impact on the Senate’s reputation, but it will also negatively affect the great trust necessary for the American people to have in the Supreme Court."

Non-partisan American Bar Association, in a letter to the Senate, requesting an investigation into allegations vs. Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who the ABA previously rated as well qualified.

The most recent data available showed a slight decline in underage drinking; that research is 3 years old. In the meantime, drinking among adults, especially women, has increased.

by Jenna Lee,