Smarther News Quick Quotes for Sept 6

September 6, 2018
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“Monumental day for the sport of surfing but really way beyond!!!”

Bethany Hamilton reacting to news the World Surf League will make the prize money for men and women's surfing competitions equal. The WSL says it's the "first American-based global sports league to offer gender pay equality." We don't know the current prize difference.

"No one is above the law in our constitutional system…. Under our system of government, the executive branch is subject to the law, subject to the court system.”

Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh responding to accusations that his views of presidential authority prevent any meaningful check of Pres. Trump. Kavanaugh did not provide direct answers on whether the president may pardon himself or be subpoenaed.

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“It’s impossible to evaluate how important it is without knowing how high up the author is. There are hundreds of people at the WH who think they’re ‘senior’ officials…. The NYT giving it anonymity (Mr. X), makes it appear bigger than it likey [sic] is.”

Ari Fleischer, fmr White House Press Sec., responding to a New York Times anonymous op-ed that claims members of President Trump's team are working against him in the White House.
"I don’t want to search until I’m 80. But if I have to, I will."

24-year-old Kimberley HeavyRunner Loring, a member of The Blackfeet Nation, who is looking for her sister Ashley. No official numbers exist on missing Native American women because many go unreported and there's no official federal database.

by Jenna Lee,