September 16, 2021

Sleep SmartHER With Dr. Winter

Dr. Winter has helped high-performance athletes from NFL stars to NBA champions get better sleep. Now he’s helping high-performance families!
He recently wrote a book “The Rested Child – Why Your Tired, Wired, or Irritable Child May Have A Sleep Disorder.” While the book does address sleep disorders, it also offers so much more about what it takes to sleep smarter!
This interview is fueled by all your questions on sleep – from alarm clocks to sleep trackers, melatonin and bedtime routines – why you shouldn’t fear sleep, have anxiety over it, nor should your kids.
We promise, from Dr. Winter talking about Tom Brady, delivering a baby, or sharing stories about his own kiddos running around the house to avoid bedtime, this conversation will keep you awake (and laughing)!

Tap below to watch.

by Jenna Lee,