Smarthernews Quick Quotes for August 28

August 28, 2018
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“I’m just lucky. The Lord likes me. And I like him.”

Katherine Johnson, the former NASA Langley mathematician andhuman computer, who helped develop human spaceflight in America, on turning 100. Johnson and her work were depicted in the 2016 film Hidden Figures.
“I know for a fact that Roseanne is not a racist.”

John Goodman to to the U.K's "Times Sunday" on the cancellation of "Roseanne" and the new spin-off (sans Roseanne Barr) "The Conners."
“It is the untraceable and undetectable nature of these small firearms that poses a unique danger.a”

U.S. District Court Judge Robert Lasnik's preliminary injunction blocking the DOJ from allowing the release of blueprints for 3D-printed guns.

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“Be the person you wish Harvey could have been.”

Rose McGowan, in response to allegations that one of her fellow 80+ Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse / harassment accusers, Asia Argento, was accused of paying to silence Jimmy Bennett, who alleges Argento assaulted him when he was 17 & she was 37.

by Jenna Lee,