So Long Sororities?

August 29, 2018

So Long Sororities?

Harvard University’s last all-female Greek sisterhood goes co-ed.

Administrative Pressure

In 2016, Harvard said it would prevent Class of 2021 members of single-gender groups from holding student leadership roles, receiving endorsements for fellowships, & becoming varsity captains.

Accordingly, Alpha Phi, Harvard’s last remaining Greek sorority, has become the co-ed group, “The Ivy.”

“It is with deep sadness that we accept Iota Tau’s decision to cease activities. New sanctions put in place by Harvard University placed our members in an untenable conflict a to choose between their supportive, empowering women-only space and external scholastic and leadership opportunities.”

Renee Zainer, Alpha Phi International President and Chairman of the International Executive Board

What About The Guys?

9 male-only groups, including 3 fraternities, remain. 4 formerly male-only groups are now coed.

The more established history of Harvard’s male-only organizations (and their powerful alumni) are believed by some to carry more weight in resisting the sanctions, according to the Harvard Crimson.


Participation in ‘Greek Life’ declining overall.

  • Alcohol-related and/or hazing-related violence may deter membership; certain universities have simply suspended their “Greek Life” programs.
  • Others say a push toward gender inclusivity is the cause.

Harvard isn’t alone. Recently, Wesleyan University and Trinity College mandated their fraternities & sororities be co-ed. Trinity’s mandate lasted 3 years. Wesleyan’s was also short-lived after a fraternity sued the school over it and won.

By Jean-Marie R. Bralley, a freelance writer based in Charlottesville, VA.

by Jenna Lee,