Social Spending Bill

October 28, 2021
Social Spending Bill

It’s not over until it’s over.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) on negotiations over the social spending bill before Congress.
  • Democrats have the majority in the House and the Senate, but do not have consensus over a large social spending bill aimed to promote their agenda and fund the government.
  • A major area of disagreement: the cost of the bill and how to pay for it.
  • The latest development – the size and scope of the bill has decreased from $3 trillion to just under $2 trillion. One of the items potentially cut? Federally-mandated paid family leave from 12 weeks to 4 weeks to maybe nothing at all.
  • Some Democrats say they will not vote on the infrastructure bill until the particulars of this bill (focused on climate change and social spending) are hashed out.
  • President Biden will visit Capitol Hill in an effort to pull together consensus before heading overseas on his second foreign trip.
  • Why This Matters: Some established infrastructure spending will expire this weekend unless a new bill is passed (the existing proposed infrastructure bill "renews" established spending and includes new spending). The government is funded until approximately the first week of December, when either a new temporary bill or the social spending bill must be passed.

Paid family leave falls out of Biden’s bill as tempers rise

by Jenna Lee,