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Feeling like its been raining a lot?

You’re not wrong.

America just completed its soggiest 12 months on record.

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What’s “soggy”?

  • The lower 48 states (excluding Hawaii & Alaska) had an ave. of 36 in or 3 feet of rain – that’s 6 inches above what’s normal.
  • About 3% of the country has drought conditions – the lowest point in 2 decades.
  • Context: More than 20% of the U.S. had some of drought conditions around the same time last year.
Current Events

Why Is It Happening?

Wet weather. 

What’s causing it? No one definitive answer.

One NOAA climatologist says rising sea water temperature is a factor, but also says human pollution (global warming) doesn’t fully explain the weather events.

Current Events

“A lot of the farmers along this river valley won’t get a crop this year, just due to the high waters and how long it’ll take to go down and the time frame which we’re running out of to get crops in the fields to ensure a harvest…it’s just unbelievable how much water we do have here.”

Arkansas farmer Mark Harrell. His 80-year-old family farm is currently a lake. Arkansas' main crops include rice & cotton.
Current Events

Something you should know: soggiest “on record” refers to modern record keeping, which dates back 124 years.

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Record-Setting Precipitation Leaves U.S. Soils Soggy

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Flooding Along the Arkansas River