Space Force new uniform

September 23, 2021
Space Force new uniform

Every winning team needs a uniform!

Gen. Jay Raymond, chief of Space Operations, U.S. Space Force on a prototype for new uniforms.
  • In fashion (even in space), everyone is a critic!
  • The U.S. Space Force unveiled a prototype of what amounts to the military branch's service dress uniform, or the equivalent of a suit and tie (not the most formal uniform, but not used daily).
  • One source of debate? The jacket's color (dark blue) does not match the pants (gray).
  • Why It Matters: This story serves as a reminder of just how new the Space Force is as the U.S. military's sixth branch – so new that an official, unique uniform is still being created. The Space Force is actively recruiting.

"Space is clearly a warfighting domain, and we're convinced that if deterrence were to fail, we're going to have to fight and win the battle for space superiority. "Let me be clear: We don't want to fight in space. We want to deter that from happening." Gen. Raymond

The New Space Force Uniforms Are Causing A Stir

by Jenna Lee,