space x flight

September 16, 2021

Few have come before, and many are about to follow. The door’s open now, and it’s pretty incredible.

Billionaire Jared Isaacman, aboard the SpaceX rocket carrying the first all-civilian crew to space.
  • The rocket (Falcon 9) carrying the spacecraft capsule (Dragon) launched on Wednesday evening.
  • The crew will spend about 3 days in space.
  • The crew includes no astronauts; they will not pilot the spacecraft.
  • They will be the subject of study back on Earth on how they physically reacted to space travel.
  • Fun Context: To prepare for today’s flight, members of the crew trained for months. That regimen included hiking up Mt. Rainier together, flying in jet fighters to mimic the stress of spaceflight and spending 30 hours together in the crew capsule. (WSJ)
  • Why It Matters: Described as a “milestone in private space travel,” this is the first trip of its kind (in type of passengers and length of time).

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Launches First All-Civilian Flight to Orbit

by Jenna Lee,