state of the union 2023

February 8, 2023
Capitol Hill at night

We’ve been sent here to finish the job …

President Biden with a phrase that was used more than any other during the State of the Union: “Finish the Job.”

Why It Matters: The State of the Union provides a president freedom to speak on whatever issues he wants in front of a large national (and international) audience. President Biden spoke for 73 minutes, concentrating mainly on domestic policy issues likes jobs, the economy, drugs and policing. He repeated the phrase "finish the job" 12 times.

Presidents are not required to broadcast a speech from Capitol Hill for the State of the Union – The Constitution only requires the President update Congress once a year on the state of the union.

Here's a link to the TRANSCRIPT of the State of the Union.

Here's a link to one fact-check of the speech (expect others!)

Here's some key moments including the Republican response.

by Jenna Lee,