Stock Market Update May 2022

May 2, 2022
An image of digitized graphs on a computer screen

… it’s a market that is jittery and nervous.

Investment macro strategist Sebastien Galy, Nordea Asset Management, as the stock market opens Monday after the worst month of trading since the pandemic began.
  • Last month, the broad stock indices all declined.
    The S&P dropped more than 8%.
    The Dow dropped nearly 5%.
    The Nasdaq dropped more than 13% — the worst month since 2008.
  • For context, any decline of more than 1% is notable.

Why the declines? Concern about the future and volatile oil prices.

What to watch for: Public companies will start reporting earnings (their quarterly report cards for investors) which will provide insight into consumer habits and the economy, and the Federal Reserve will meet set interest rates (this is the borrowing rate to which many credit lines — such as auto loans, home equity lines of credit, etc. — are set).

U.S. Stock Futures Climb After Worst Month Since 2020

by Jenna Lee,