‘Superfog’ Causes a Long Stretch of Car Wrecks Near New Orleans

October 24, 2023
foggy road

I’ve never seen a crash like this. I mean I’ve traveled South Louisiana for quite some time and I’ve seen fog, but the pocket of fog we saw coming over the Manchac bridge…it was like something you’d see in the Central Valley of California. It was total fog. Couldn’t see in front of you.

Driver Lance Scott said after a series of crashes on Interstate 55 in Louisiana on Monday.

The Big Picture: A series of crashes on Interstate 55 near New Orleans caused by a “superfog” mixture of marsh fires and thick morning fog led to seven deaths and around 30 injured on Monday. The wrecks involved around 158 vehicles with a “…a total of 25 crashes in three different spots along 1-55 north and south,” (Fox 8 New Orleans).

Both directions of I-55 remained closed overnight and the area faced a dense fog advisory from Monday night through early Tuesday. Due to chances of ongoing fog, “similarly dangerous conditions could occur in coming days” (The Associated Press).

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by Sarah Pinkerton,