Supply Chain Issues

August 5, 2021
Supply Chain Issues

I’m willing to make smaller margins if it means less anxiety.

Toy maker Eric Poses on supply chain issues that have disrupted his business, and impacted the U.S. economy overall.
  • Shipping bottlenecks and higher prices have disrupted business and many predict they will continue to do so into next year. This is impacting available supplies.
  • A recent reading on economic growth came in lower than expected.
  • Tension over the supply chain has compounded already existing tension with China over trade policies (as so many goods, supplies ship from China).

Why It Matters: The pandemic has highlighted supply disruptions that are becoming more frequent. One potential effect from this period? A recent survey showed at least half of U.S. companies buying supplies domestically.


52% of the U.S. manufacturing executives surveyed by the consulting firm Kearney said they have started buying more supplies in the United States in response to COVID-related supply disruptions. Forty-seven percent said they plan to reduce reliance on supplies or factories from a single country; 41% specifically said they wanted to cut their dependence on China.

by Jenna Lee,