Supreme Court on Healthcare Law

June 17, 2021
Supreme Court on Healthcare Law

We do not reach these questions of the Act’s validity. Texas and the other plaintiffs in this suit lack the standing necessary to raise them.

Justice Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court’s decision against a significant challenge to the healthcare law.

Why This Matters Part I: This is the third major legal challenge to the 2010 healthcare law (commonly called Obamacare) to reach the highest court in the land.

Overview: Republican states challenged the validity of the healthcare law after Congress reduced the penalty for not buying healthcare (a key provision in the law) to $0 – effectively ending it. Republican states argued without this provision, the law could not function as intended.

The Supreme Court ruled the Republican states did not have "standing" – weren't substantial impacted by this change – and therefore, the court ruled in favor of the law.

Why This Matter Part II: The changing dynamics of the court with the additions of 3 "conservative" justices appointed by Pres. Trump did not change the precedent set in the past – the end result of legal challenges has remained: the law stands. This now raises questions as to whether or not we will see more substantial challenges to the law or will this push political will in other directions.

Here's a good overview by The Associated Press

by Jenna Lee,