Supreme Court Will Hear Case on Presidential Immunity

February 29, 2024

It’s hard to read any tea leaves into whether that makes the court more likely to side with former President Trump when it finally resolves his immunity claim.

Professor Steve Vladeck, University of Texas School of Law, on the Supreme Court deciding to consider a key legal question about former President Donald Trump that could impact the U.S. presidency.

Why It Matters: The Supreme Court’s decision on this specific case may set a precedent for legal proceedings against current and former presidents.

The Supreme Court will decide whether or not President Trump has immunity from prosecution in a specific case filed against him in Washington, D.C.

In this case, the special counsel alleges Pres. Trump defrauded American voters in 2020/2021 (just one of many allegations Pres. Trump denies).

President Trump argues the case sets a dangerous precedent if the Supreme Court does not intervene, blocking his potential prosecution for his behavior while in office: “Presidents will always be concerned, and even paralyzed, by the prospect of wrongful prosecution and retaliation after they leave office.”

Something To Consider: The Supreme Court will not hear this case until the week of April 22. A decision could take weeks – delaying the case from going to trial and raising more doubts on whether a trial will take place before the election.

Supreme Court to decide Trump immunity claim

by Jenna Lee,