Taliban Ends Education For Girls

December 22, 2022

My daughter has locked herself in a room since this morning and won’t stop crying. All her hopes are broken.

Ghulam Sarwar Haidari, shopkeeper in Kabul, after the Taliban outlawed education for many female students.
  • The ban reportedly applies to upper grades – effectively ending education for any female over the sixth grade. But some worry this ban will only expand (here’s a statement from former Pres. Bush).
  • The Taliban also outlawed women working as teachers (or as staff for any school), women attending mosques, or religious seminaries.
  • “… the Ministry of Higher Education in a statement ordered public and private institutions to suspend classes for female students until next announcement.” TOLONews
  • Why It Matters: After the Taliban took over Afghanistan in August 2021, some believed “new” Taliban leadership would look different than pre-war Afghanistan, which had severe limitations on women. The Taliban have enforced stricter restrictions as their rule has continued.
  • The Taliban Says: “We told girls to have proper hijab but they didn’t and they wore dresses like they are going to a wedding ceremony. Girls were studying agriculture and engineering, but this didn’t match Afghan culture. Girls should learn, but not in areas that go against Islam and Afghan honor.” Nida Mohammad Nadim, Acting Minister of Higher Education Neda

Good context from The WSJ:

“The ban on female education has drawn international condemnation and been an obstacle to the Taliban’s efforts to achieve international recognition for their government. It has been a key factor behind a U.S. decision to impose sanctions on the Taliban and has impeded desperately needed financial assistance amid a calamitous humanitarian crisis.”

From Afghanistan’s premiere news sources: TOLONews

“Nadim Outlines Reasons for Closure of Universities for Women”

by Jenna Lee,