Taliban issues edict about face coverings

May 9, 2022

This is about the Taliban wanting to make us invisible.

An Afghan woman, Shabana, speaking with the Associated Press on a new Taliban decree concerning women’s coverings in public.
  • Why It Matters: The new Taliban decree says that women should cover their faces in public, and also said women shouldn’t leave their homes unless necessary; this reflects a return to what the Taliban have previously mandated according to their strict interpretation of Islamic rules.
  • This follows a decision by the Taliban to forbid girls from going to school after the 6th grade.
  • Context: Traditional Muslim dress would include a woman having her head covered in a hijab — a scarf that wraps around her head and often neck/shoulders, but doesn’t cover the whole face. During previous Taliban rule, women were required to wear the burqa; this covers the whole body, including the eyes (which are behind netting).

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by Jenna Lee,