Task Force Update

April 2, 2021

White House
COVID-19 Task Force


“We still see there is less severity in children, that should be reassuring to the moms and dad out there.”

Dr. Deborah Birx on data showing no child under the age of 15 has died from COVID-19 in Europe. While reporting 99% of all fatalities in Europe are people older than 50-years-old with preexisting conditions Birx also said every age group can experience a very severe illness.

“If you are sitting on a warehouse with masks, surgical masks, you will be hearing a knock on your door.”

Attorney General William Barr addressing an executive order to limit hoarding and price gouging of “critical items.” AG Barr emphasized the Dept. of Justice will focus on large operations, not consumers: “If you have a big supply of toilet paper in your house, this is not something you have to worry about.”

“It’s going to be bad…We’re trying to make it much, much less bad.”

Pres. Trump on what’s ahead for the country and COVID-19. He also noted this year’s flu season is active and that there may be more than 50,000 deaths (currently it stands at an est. 23,000). The CDC showed a doubling of positive COVID-19 cases from 15,000+ to 33,000+ from last Friday to this Monday.

“Each state, in each hotspot in the United States, is going to be its own curve because the seeds came in at different times.”

Dr. Birx explaining varying timelines for different regions. She emphasized the need for social distancing in the New York metro area (NY, New Jersey & parts of Long Island) where the “attack rate” is now close to 1 in 1,000 – 5x higher than other areas in the nation – 28% of submitted tests are positive whereas it’s less than 8% elsewhere in the U.S..

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by Jenna Lee,