Terrible southern storms

December 2, 2022
Clouds in the sky

There was a house in the Sherwood community that the roof was actually lifted off of the house, twisted 180 degrees and dropped back down on the home.

Sgt. Dillon Cates with the Choctaw County, Mississippi, Sheriff’s Office on a suspected tornado during a dangerous southern U.S. weather event that led to the death of at least two people.

Why It Matters: The National Weather Service received reports of more than 40 suspected tornadoes across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. A mother (39) and son (8) died in Alabama when this violent weather system struck their mobile home.

One Mississippi resident described the storm as “like a train coming through."

Forecasters issued a rare warning of a "'particularly dangerous situation' tornado watch, which is typically designated for the most significant severe-storm threats," CNN reports.

Reminder: Tornadoes don't have a season like hurricanes (the Atlantic Hurricane season runs from June – November. Here's some added context:

"The U.S. averages 65 tornadoes each November, making it the most active month in the fall severe weather season of October, November and December in the South.

In addition, there's a notable peak in nighttime tornadoes in November, with the month averaging more than 400 twisters in the dark, according to data from NOAA's Storm Prediction Center" (Fox Weather).

by Jenna Lee,