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Terror Watchlist

Created to keep us safe, is “the list” weaker today than ever before?

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  • Terrorist Screening Database.
  • Contains names of those “known” or “reasonably suspected” of terror ties (exact criteria unknown)
  • Created after 9/11, run by FBI & shared with 18,000+ law enforcement agencies
  • Gov’t does not confirm or deny if you’re on the list.
  • 1M+ people on list; 4,600 Americans (as of 2017).
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  • 23 U.S. citizens who *believe* they’re on the list sued the gov’t.
  • Plaintiffs argued “the list” violates their constitutional rights to due process, adds unnecessary scrutiny while traveling.
  • Gov’t argued national security trumps the inconvenience to an individual, and an acceptable process is in place to challenge one’s status.
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What Happened:

The list can stay, but it may change.

  • Court ruled individuals are *not* entitled to notice or a hearing before being placed on the list.
  • Court *also* ruled the process to challenge one’s status (at least for U.S citizens) is inadequate.
  • Judge ordered both sides to submit proposals for a solution by mid-October.
Current Events

The very nature of the secret database ignites questions. Critics say it unfairly targets Muslims & doesn't prevent terror attacks. The gov't says it's updated daily & provides useful information sharing between security agencies. What do you think?

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