Wildfires Sweep Across Texas Panhandle

February 28, 2024

I am deeply concerned about the devastating wildfires raging through the Texas Panhandle.

Texas Department of Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller as a series of wildfires impact the Texas Panhandle.

What To Know: The damage from the wildfires (which began on Monday) remains to be determined, but evacuations have occurred and thousands have been left without power. Additionally, the wildfires caused a nuclear weapons facility primarily responsible for disassembling America’s nuclear arsenal to close on Tuesday, though the facility reopened on Wednesday.

Background: Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas issued a disaster declaration for more than 60 counties due to wildfire activity as dry conditions, high temperatures and increased wind speeds in certain areas face a higher risk of wildfire.

The wildfires come as a “temperature rollercoaster” currently sweeps across the U.S., bringing snow to the West and thunderstorms to the Midwest.

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by Sarah Pinkerton, based in Paris