Texas Wildfires Impact Significant Region For Beef Production

March 6, 2024

It’s a ghastly sight. We’ve never seen anything like this.

Commissioner of the Texas Department of Agriculture, Sid Miller, referring to hundreds of cows killed by the ongoing wildfires in the Texas Panhandle.

Why It Matters: Texas has 11 million livestock animals, 85% of which reside in the northern part of the state known as the Texas Panhandle. It is the most significant region for production of beef in the U.S., according to Miller. While the widespread cattle death is not expected to impact the nationwide price of beef, local ranchers will face major ramifications as farms have burned to the ground.

Emergency veterinarians and volunteers have traveled to the region to help efforts saving animals – such as cows, goats, dogs and horses – as Texas’ largest ever-wildfire continues.

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by Emily Hooker, based in Texas