The impact of higher fertilizer prices

April 12, 2022

I think it’s going to be a pretty expensive crop, no matter what you’re putting in the ground, from fertilizer to fuel, labor, electrical and everything else.

Donald Flannery, executive director of the Maine Potato Board, as higher fertilizer prices impact farmers worldwide.
  • Fertilizer prices have increased due to sanctions on Russia and have added pressure to already-rising prices of natural gas (a key ingredient in fertilizer products).
  • Russia and Belarus (two countries sanctioned because of Russia’s war on Ukraine) are leading fertilizer exporters.
  • Fertilizer is important to farmers so that they can improve the quality and yield of their crops; some farmers are choosing to forego fertilizer this year, which means they may produce less. Smaller amounts of crops can lead to higher prices; with food prices already rising for other reasons, this increases concerns about potentially decreased availability or difficulty in obtaining critical food supplies.
  • Why It Matters: Farmers worldwide feel the pressure of these rising fertilizer prices and the impact compounds a larger issue concerning food affordability and accessibility. The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization says a reading on food prices has risen to the highest point on record, based on over 30 years of data.

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by Jenna Lee,