The Midterms

November 9, 2022
Voting stickers and voting bag with an American flag.

The big question from the Midterms – What does effective American leadership really look like? And who TRULY has a mandate from the American people? Looking forward to your responses to this Instagram live we filmed 12 hours into the day after the Midterms. While results continue to trickle in, here are three big takeaways from the 2022 elections and a few races we're watching.

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Your Rundown:

0:00 – 3:46 Big Picture: Thinking about the language we use on the news…
3:46 – 5:25 The #1 takeaway from the midterms right now: We don't have final answers; things are changing constantly.
5:25 – 8:31 "The Red Wave Was More Like a Pink Splash" ~ Time Magazine. What is a "red wave"?
8:31 – 14:43 So far, there's no clear directive or clear mandate for whoever got into office … There's very little data to be able to say to someone, "You have the key for really galvanizing voters!"
14:43 – 19:17 Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida: Why his race matters.
19:17 – 23:22 What happened in Maricopa County, Arizona?
23:22 – 26:09 The governor's race in New York: Lee Zeldin (R) vs. Kathy Hochul (D).
26:09 A question for you, what we're watching, and closing thoughts.

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by Jenna Lee,