The Rise of the Mini Books

August 14, 2018
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The Rise of The Mini Book

It’s roughly the size of your cell phone, but packs the punch of a regular size book. Will the mini-book revolutionize reading?

Introducing Flipbacks


  • Debuted 2009 in Netherlands.
  • Bible-publisher turned printer pioneered the “Flipback” & has now re-printed more than 1,000 titles in this horizontal fashion.
  • Bible-thin paper; fits in pockets.
  • Opens horizontally & stays open.
  • Easy to flip pages & hold with one hand.

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‘I haven’t seen a new book format that I thought was at all interesting, but I findA thisA format really usable and A-super-portable.’

Popular young adult author John Green wrote The Fault Of Our Stars. He first saw horizontal flip-novels in the Netherlands and wanted to try format in U.S. His flipback titles will sell this fall.

While overall book sales increased last year in America, paperback sales fell. Will this "Flipback" be the 'novel' new novel? In 2011, one European paper asked, "Could this new book kill the Kindle?" What do you think?

by Jenna Lee,