The Verdict

April 21, 2021
The Verdict

The Verdict

What to know as a jury finds Derek Chauvin guilty of the murder of George Floyd.

"We the jury … find the defendant guilty."

Hennepin County District Judge Peter Cahill reading the verdict from the jury, who found Derek Chauvin guilty of all three charges: second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter. Judge Cahill will solely decide Chauvin's sentence when sentencing takes place in about 8 weeks. Exact dates TBD.

"The state would move for the court to revoke the defendant's bail and remand him into custody."

A member of the prosecution team speaking off camera to the judge, who granted the request. Chauvin was handcuffed and taken into custody. The Associated Press reports Chauvin was taken to a maximum security prison, the same one where he was held due to security concerns after his arrest.

“We believe there are aggravating factors and the sentence should exceed the sentencing guidelines.”

MN Attorney General Keith Ellison. The prosecution and the defense will prepare legal briefs for the judge's consideration in sentencing. The three guilty verdicts carry different *potential* sentences (ex: 2nd-degree murder is punishable by up to 40 yrs behind bars) but sentencing *guidelines* can be much lower (ex: 12.5 yrs for 2nd-degree murder for someone, like Chauvin, w/o a criminal history).

“No one is above the law.”

Pres. Biden during a national address said the murder of George Floyd exposed systemic racism in America and systemic misconduct in police departments. Pres. Biden said that "most men and women who wear the badge serve their communities honorably. But those few who fail to meet that standard must be held accountable." VP Harris also spoke, similarly advocating for Congress to pass police reform legislation: "A measure of justice isn’t the same as equal justice."

"To deny the progress we've made, is just as damaging as not making progress at all."

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) supports the verdict and said it should renew confidence in the justice system. Sen. Scott, the lone black Republican senator, proposed his own police reform legislation last year after Floyd's death. A separate bill was proposed by two black Democrat senators, Sen Booker (D-NJ) and then-Senator (now VP) Kamala Harris. Neither bill passed.

From local Minneapolis station KARE: "Chauvin’s conviction marks only the second time a police officer has been convicted of murder in Minnesota, and the first time such a conviction has been won against a white officer who killed a Black man." Read more from that local station with leading reporting on our source page.

Derek Chauvin found guilty of murder, manslaughter in death of George Floyd

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