The world’s first “walking room”

April 13, 2023

We found out that [we can help] people to achieve their health objectives by creating something they can do during work hours and together.

Walking Room co-founder, Guido Boumann, discussing “the world’s first ‘walking room'” – a large treadmill made for workplaces.

Big Picture: The Walking Room is a company founded by a former tennis player and a physiotherapist who want to bring movement into workplaces. The company recently launched their first pilot project in an office building conference room in Amsterdam. It is equipped with a carpet made of grass that can move at three different speeds reaching just more than 3 mph. Here’s a video of the walking meeting room being put to use.

Potential Impact: The company partnered with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and conducted a six-month-long study involving more than 150 office workers. After using various walking methods on treadmills at work (walking with treadmills grouped together or seperated), at least 60% of participants said they felt more productive, less stressed, and more creative with the integration of walking into their office day. Participants were more enthusiastic when treadmills were grouped together and they didn’t have to walk by themselves. However, results from other studies focusing on treadmill desks have reflected mixed results.

So long treadmill desks! Meet the Walking Room (Fast Company)

by Jenna Lee,