INTERVIEW: Top Arab-Israeli Negotiator On The Past, Present & Future

November 1, 2023

SmartHER With Aaron David Miller

Over the last several weeks, many of you have asked us at SmartHER News: What should I know about the past to better understand the present dynamics in Israel, the West Bank, Gaza and beyond?

We found an ideal guest to help in this discussion.

Former Arab-Israeli negotiator Aaron David Miller served in the U.S. State Department during times of peace and times of war – working under six different secretaries of state, under both Republican and Democrat administrations.

He joins SmartHER News for a wide-ranging conversation that spans from the founding of Israel to the war beween Israel and Hamas as well as the ever-evolving role of the United States, and what to consider as we look to the horizon at what happens next.

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by Jenna Lee,