Tornados Kentucky 2021

December 13, 2021
Tornados Kentucky 2021

We are praying that maybe original estimates of those we have lost were wrong.

Kentucky Governor Beshear on the possibility of lower death tolls from the devastating tornado outbreak in his state.
  • Multiple strong tornadoes swept through Kentucky late Friday and early Saturday – in a massive storm pattern that impacted at least six states.
  • Initial estimates placed the death toll at more than 100, but the timing of the storm (nighttime) and lack of both electricity and cell phone communications may have led to some initial confusion in efforts to locate people. Official tolls remain TBD.
  • Property destruction remains severe, and lower temperatures (in the 40s F) remain a factor for those impacted.
  • This storm system was unique – with particularly strong tornadoes stretching across wide swaths of land. (READ MORE HERE)
  • Here's the latest AP Wire – this will likely contain updates.

by Jenna Lee,