Transportation Security Administration on Lost Money From Passengers; It Topped More than $900,000 at Security Checkpoints in 2019.

September 1, 2020

TSA tries to ensure that all traveler property, including loose change, finds its way back to the proper owner. However, when loose change does not, it will be directed to critical aviation security programs.

  • The TSA submits a report to congress every year.
  • Passengers left behind $928,000 at security checkpoints; the TSA says it recovered more than $3M in recent years.
  • The agency uses the money to help fund its programs. Because of the pandemic, it’s expected that this number drops in 2020.
  • Read more about it: HERE & more information on the report
  • Interesting to Note: Airlines, struggling due to the pandemic, have decided to waive change fees to encourage customers to book tickets ~ READ MORE HERE.

by Jenna Lee,