Two Men Who Illegally Entered U.S. Charged in Death of Texas Teenager

June 25, 2024

She was a very special little girl that deserves her justice.

Mother of Jocelyn Nungary, Alexis Nungaray, a 12-year-old murdered in Houston. Two Venezuelan citizens are being charged with her death.

Why It Matters: The two men, both in their 20s, entered the country without legal status in recent weeks; one was given an electronic bracelet by Immigration and Customs Enforcement that he cut off after Jocelyn was found murdered. The men are being held on $10 million bond each.

The judge overseeing the case commented about the high bail:

“I’ve seen individuals go into ICE custody, go through the deportation or removal process where they have been ordered to be removed …. and that the feds have deported or removed those individuals with the Harris County criminal charges still pending. And it puts us in the position where those charges would never be answered.”

Bigger Picture: Encounters at the U.S. southwest borders have recently declined but have been at a record high this year. We do not have specifics on the cases of these individuals nor an explanation about why they were released into the country. This is the second high-profile murder of a young woman allegedly by a Venezuelan who entered the country illegally; law enforcement says, Laken Riley, a Georgia nursing student, was murdered by a Venezuelan man who “unlawfully crossed the southern border.”

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by Jenna Lee,