U.S. forcers target senior ISIS leader

April 17, 2023
grey smoke from an explosion

We will continue the relentless campaign against ISIS.

U.S. Central Command General Michael “Erik” Kurilla after U.S. forces targeted “a Senior ISIS Syria Leader and Operational Planner,” which resulted in his “probable death.”

Why It Matters: An unnamed senior ISIS leader "responsible for planning terror attacks in the Middle East and Europe" is likely dead after a unilateral helicopter raid took place in northern Syria early on Monday morning. In its press release, CENTCOM noted that "Two other armed individuals" were killed in the raid. CENTCOM spokesman Joe Buccino said, "We will provide additional details soon."

Big Picture: The "probable death" of the ISIS leader marks the latest in a series of operations carried out by U.S. forces as they target senior ISIS members and al Qaeda-linked militants in Syria. Earlier in April, the U.S. military killed a senior ISIS leader in Syria who was responsible for planning attacks in Europe.

U.S. Central Command's announcement

U.S. Central Command: Helicopter Raid in Northern Syria Targets Senior ISIS Leader

US helicopter raid in Syria targets an Islamic State leader (The Associated Press)

by Jenna Lee,