U.S. “Reviewing” Hamas’ Response To Gaza Ceasefire Proposal

May 6, 2024

… Hamas played the instigator role in beginning this conflict and could end it today if they wanted to.

United States Department of State Spokesperson Matthew Miller in a press briefing on Monday as news broke of a potential development in ceasefire talks amid the nearly seven-month-long Israel-Hamas War.

What To Know: As of this writing at noon Monday, Central Time, we received reports Hamas has agreed to a ceasefire. While this headline has sparked a lot of attention, we have few specifics and many lingering questions. We have no response from Israel, and the U.S. did not comment further during a State Department briefing midday Monday, saying only that the U.S. would be in contact with its “partners in the region.” This follows Sunday’s news which included stalled ceasefire talks, increased warnings of a potential offensive from Israel to Palestinians sheltering in Rafah (a city in southern Gaza where more than one million civilians have taken shelter) and news of a Hamas attack on Israeli forces near a border crossing. Israel’s prime minister also marked Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day by comparing Hamas’ October 7th terrorist attack to the Holocaust. 

by Leah Grainery, based in Texas