Uk Prime Minister Boris Johnson on a Nationwide Lockdown Starting on Thursday November 5th – for Four Weeks – Until the First Week of December (Dec. 2).

November 1, 2020
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From Thursday until the start of December you must stay at home.

  • The Prime Minister, citing a rise in COVID infections and concerns about hospital capacity, informed the UK Saturday of a new lockdown – the most high-profile one imposed in Europe during the fall season.
  • Some restrictions are not as strict as the spring – school will remain open, people can exercise outdoors (with some restrictions) and shop for essential items. But most nonessential businesses will have to close or severely alter their business models (pubs have to close, for example, but can offer delivery service).
  • Why This Matters: Europe is experiencing a rise in infections, across borders, in a diverse group of countries. The European lockdown in the Spring foreshadowed America’s rise in cases and “stay-at-home” orders.

Prime Minister’s statement on coronavirus (COVID-19): 31 October 2020

Because the huge exponential growth in the number of patients – by no means all of them elderly, by the way – would mean that doctors and nurses would be forced to choose which patients to treat

Who would get oxygen and who wouldn’t

Who would live and who would die,

And doctors and nurses would be forced to choose between saving covid patients and non-covid patients

And the sheer weight of covid demand would mean depriving tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of non-covid patients of the care they need

It is crucial to grasp this that the general threat to public health comes not from focusing too much on covid, but from not focusing enough, from failing to get it under control

Full statement: READ HERE

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