Ukraine Leader on Russia

February 7, 2022

Russia could now seize any city in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s former defense minister, Andriy Zagorodnyuk, on Russia’s current forces at the country’s border.
  • This weekend, reports circulated from unnamed U.S. officials on Russia’s potential to invade Ukraine, estimating the Russians have 70% of their forces in position for a full invasion – these forces could take the Ukrainian capital within 48 hours.
  • Monday – The new German chancellor will meet with Pres. Biden at the White House. In Russia, France’s President Macron will meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin. A day later, Macron will travel to Ukraine.
  • Russia plans to begin military drills later this week that some fear could be part of the invasion.
  • Russia continues to accuse the U.S. and others of stoking tensions.
  • Why It Matters: While we continue to receive reports of potential invasion, diplomacy continues among world leaders.

Biden to meet with Scholz, Macron to visit Putin as window for Ukraine diplomacy narrows

by Jenna Lee,