Ukraine warns citizens to evacuate

April 7, 2022
Ukrainian officials urge civilians to leave ahead of new Russian offense.

You need to evacuate now, while this possibility still exists.

Ukraine’s deputy prime minister and minister for occupied territories, Iryna Vereshchuk, urging citizens to leave ahead of new Russian offense.
  • Vereshchuk continued by saying, “Later, people will be under fire and under threat of death. We won’t be able to help because it will be practically impossible to cease fire.”
  • Russia has pulled troops out of Kyiv and other northern Ukraine regions; expectations are that their focus will now turn to the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine, which is completely bordered by Russia.
  • An estimated 10 million people have already left their homes since the war began, though about 6.5 million of them are thought to still be displaced within Ukraine.
  • Why It Matters: Ukrainians are being encouraged by government officials to evacuate before the expected Russian offensive in the east, rather than risk being trapped in a war zone. Refugees continue to cross to neighboring countries, such as Poland and Romania. Over the past 10 days alone, more than 2,000 Ukrainian refugees who recently fled to Mexico have arrived at the U.S. border.

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by Jenna Lee,