Us Attorney G. Zachary Terwilliger Speaking Directly to the Parents of James Foley, Peter Kassig, Kayla Mueller and Steven Sotloff as He Announces the Indictment of Isis Terrorists Known as the Beatles.

October 8, 2020
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It’s now a certainty -_ISIS will not have the last word when it comes to your children. You will.

  • On Wednesday, the Department of Justice announced federal charges against two members of ISIS (and former British citizens) in connection to their role in the torture and killings of four American citizens, as well as two British citizens, and two Japanese citizens, in Syria.
    • 2014: ISIS released videos depicting the beheading of American journalists James Foley & Steven Sotloff and two British citizens, as well as a video depicting the beheading of American humanitarian worker Peter Kassig.
    • 2015: ISIS released videos showing two dead Japanese citizens and Kayla Mueller‘s family received an email from ISIS confirming her death.
  • According to indictment:
    • The defendants (and a third now-deceased man) met repeatedly with a head ISIS leader (who reported directly to the former self-proclaimed leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi) to plot the hostage-taking scheme.
    • From 2012 to 2015, the defendants, along with two others (the now-deceased man mentioned above and another ISIS member currently incarcerated in Turkey) “engaged in a prolonged pattern of physical and psychological violence” against James Foley, Peter Kassig, Kayla Mueller and Steven Sotloff.
    • Additionally, al-Baghdadi sexually abused Kayla Mueller.
  • FBI Director Christopher Wray also spoke at Wednesday’s press conference, warning Americans that despite the significance of the charges, that ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), also known as ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) is still a threat, stating:
“ISIS is still trying to radicalize people—here in the United States and elsewhere—through online propaganda and their global network of supporters. Their goal is to motivate people to launch attacks against Western targets wherever they are, using any means available. But as today’s announcement shows, the FBI and our partners, both here and overseas, will continue to relentlessly pursue these terrorists—and anyone who chooses to support terrorist organizations like ISIS—no matter where they are, and no matter how long it takes. “


by Jenna Lee,