Venezuela releases two Americans

March 9, 2022
Americans released in Venezuela

These men are fathers who lost precious time with their children and everyone they love …

Pres. Biden on the release of two Americans who had been imprisoned in Venezuela; others remain behind bars.
  • The release comes after talks between the U.S. & Venezuela this weekend, signaling a *potential* for the Biden administration to lift sanctions against the South American country; new sanctions against Russia have reduced oil resources (and driven up prices) for global markets, and the U.S. continues to search for alternative sources worldwide.
  • Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world; the release of the Americans comes less than 24 hours after Pres. Biden announced a full embargo on Russian oil and gas.
  • Why This Matters: At least eight Americans remain imprisoned by the Maduro regime; this *limited* release may reflect a softening of tensions between the two nations. However, not everyone believes that's good policy: “Nicolás Maduro is a cancer to our hemisphere and we should not breathe new life into his reign of torture and murder,” said Senator Bob Menendez (D – NJ), who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

White House: Venezuela has freed 2 detained Americans

Venezuela Releases Imprisoned Americans After Talks With U.S.

by Jenna Lee,