Volunteer Firefighters, Police Rescue Puppy Stuck In Tire

March 28, 2024

That’s a first!

A Franklin Township police officer can be heard saying in body camera footage shared after the police department and the Franklinville Volunteer Fire Company in New Jersey rescued an 11-month-old yellow Labrador named Daisy.

Why It Matters: Last Thursday, New Jersey’s Franklinville Volunteer Fire Company and the Franklin Township Police Department responded to a call to help one of their “four-legged community members,” the fire company explained. The puppy, Daisy, had gotten her head stuck in the rim of a tire, and after initial attempts to free her were unsuccessful, the fire company’s Lt. Brandon Volpe thought of his personal plasma cutters (used to cut metal and steel), “so the crew put Daisy on a red wagon and headed to Volpe’s garage,” The Associated Press reports. Volpe said Daisy “panicked a little bit,” but they covered her head and neck with a fire blanket to protect her, freeing her within minutes. In announcing her rescue, the fire department said, “Daisy was not injured and is doing well!”

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Photos: Franklin Township Police Department 

by Leah Grainery, based in Texas