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July 6, 2023

At least 45% of the nation’s tap water is estimated to have one or more types of the chemicals …

A new study from the U.S. Geological Survey found the presence of PFAs or “forever chemicals” in tap water in the United States.

Why It Matters: In the first nationwide test of both private and public water sources, researchers found the presence of chemicals linked to diseases like cancer. Using their data, researchers estimate the presence of these chemicals in at least 45% of the nation’s tap water.

  • Researchers tested for 32 PFAS or polyfluorinated alkyl substances – chemicals often found in items we use in everyday life, such as take-out containers, or nonstick pans. For context there are an estimated 12,000 types of PFAS.
  • PFAS are often referred to as “forever chemicals” because they can stay in the human body; these chemicals do not easily “breakdown” or biodegrade in nature.
  • The studies found PFAS more likely near urban areas vs. rural, and the data shows “further evidence that PFAS is incredibly pervasive.”
  • What are the specific, potential health impacts of the results of this study for you and your family? The lead researcher says the study “can be used to evaluate risk of exposure and inform decisions about whether or not you want to treat your drinking water, get it tested or get more information from your state”

Link to the study

Study says drinking water from nearly half of US faucets contains potentially harmful chemicals

PFAS: Research from the FDA

The USGS = United States Geological Survey, created in 1879.

by Jenna Lee,