What Ignited The Canadian Trucker Convoy?

February 16, 2022
What ignited the Canadian Trucker Convoy

Disclaimer – Policies are shifting rapidly! Best source of info for American travel? The Dept. of Homeland Security and the CDC!


The Canadian trucking protest ignited as a new vaccine mandate requirement went into effect for truckers traveling back into Canada. The policy requires proof of vaccination OR testing/quarentine. So… what are the requirements for Americans, who travel back into the United States?

Turns out it depends on if you are a U.S. citezen (or legal permanent resident) or not.

Wihle most the U.S. federal government has NOT put in vaccination requirements for its citizens, it certainly has for others coming into the country.

What do you think about this?

*Just a note* we focused on what it takes to RETURN to the U.S. but many countries have their own COVID policies, so be sure to check any/all before you hit the road!

by Jenna Lee,