What to know about the new artificial intelligence chatbot, ChatGPT

December 12, 2022

This is the closest thing I’ve seen to … the Star Trek computer … where you say what you want and it responds instantly.

Harry McCracken, global technology editor at Fast Company magazine, on ChatGPT. The recently-launched artificial intelligence chatbot understands human speech and can write emails, poems and in-depth papers.

Why It Matters: ChatGPT is similar to Google in that you can ask it questions such as, What’s a good recipe for French toast? However, some educators are wondering how they will be able to tell the difference between original writing and the algorithmically-generated essays they anticipate receiving from students.

Important To Note: ChatGPT has only been taught up until 2021, so it can’t be asked about current events.

ABC News has a helpful video explainer here.

This AI chatbot is dominating social media with its frighteningly good essays (CNN)

by Jenna Lee,