What to know: Louisville shooting

April 11, 2023
Louisville, Kentucky

These are irreplaceable, amazing individuals that a terrible act of violence tore from all of us.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear following a shooting at a Louisville bank that killed five people and injured eight others. Gov. Beshear lost a close friend in the shooting.

Who & What: A 25-year-old bank employee opened fire with a rifle at their workplace, killing five people and injuring multiple others, including two police officers. Police arrived to the bank within three minutes of being alerted and the shooter was killed on the scene.

When: Around 8:30 am on Monday.

Where: Old National Bank in Louisville, Kentucky.

Why: The motive is unknown and remains under investigation, though the shooter livestreamed the attack on Instagram (the footage has since been removed).

Big Picture: This is the 15th mass killing incident of 2023, according to a database by The Associated Press, USA Today, and Northeastern University. Residences/other shelters are the most prevalent location for mass killings, with commercial/retail/entertainment spaces – such as a banks – coming in second.

Louisville bank employee livestreamed attack that killed 5 (The Associated Press)

At least five people killed, eight injured in Louisville shooting (Axios)

by Jenna Lee,